September Readathon Check-in 1

I’m (hopefully) not adding any books to my TBR for this month, but I did add two more read-a-thons to my September list… The Bad Bitch Readathon hosted by Neeks and a mini, week long read-a-thon hosted by Pop Culture Readathon again except this time the theme is the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I know that my reading pace is alright, but I want to pick up the pace some more.

Here’s what I’ve read so far:

Foreign Gods Inc was not the book for me. It is supposedly about a man, Ike, who plans to steal an artifact of his people’s god and get rich quick by selling it. He is jaded and disillusioned after experiencing racism and xenophobia and after a string of failed relationships. I found the first couple chapters boring and Ike was misogynist, so I didn’t continue. Also, this book isn’t my style and I was trying to expand my reading horizons.

Yonceathon: Spirit, My Power, Find Your Way Back

Gingerbread was an unintelligible mess. The prose is beautiful, but prose alone can’t carry a book. There was barely a plot or even a follow-able story. By the end of the book I was disappointed and upset that there was nothing tying it all together. The largest portion of this book is essentially a huge flashback, the book never felt grounded in time or setting.

Yonceathon: Spirit, My Power, Already

Bad Bitch Readathon: Silly Bitch

I read the first issue of this graphic novel, Destroyer. The art is very cool, the story has some mysterious elements, and in just the first chapter I was invested. There was a Frakenstein monster-esque man who killed whalers and a Frakenstein scientist-esque scientist who brings her dead son back to life. I will be reading more ASAP. The gore surprised me, I thought this was for kids.

Yonceathon: Scar, Spirit

Bad Bitch Readathon: Frosty Bitch

I read Girls At War & Other stories, a short story collection from Chinua Achebe. The collection explored different themes, but the themes that occurred the most where family, class, and tradition. It was really good and felt like the kind of collection you read in a class and write an essay about. I wasn’t in the mood to read critically or think too hard so I just enjoyed what I could.

Yonceathon: Nile, Find Your Way Back, Spirit, My Power, Bigger

8 thoughts on “September Readathon Check-in 1

  1. I want to read Destroyer. Oyeyemi’s writing is difficult to understand. I’ve accepted that I’m reading more for vibes than anything.


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